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Deutsche Telekom AG - Interim Group report - January 1 to March 31, 2011

42 Group Headquarters & Shared Services. Group Headquarters & Shared Services performs strategic and cross-segment management functions for the Deutsche Telekom Group and is responsible for operating activities that are not directly related to the core business of the operating segments. Vivento, our personnel service provider consistently supported us once again in the first quarter of the 2011 financial year with staff restructuring in the Group. The focus was on securing external employment opportunities for civil servants and employees, predominantly in the public sector. In addition, Vivento offers Group employees employment opportunities at Vivento Customer Services GmbH. As of March 31, 2011, Vivento had a workforce of about 9,000, including around 3,300 employees who were deployed externally, mainly in the public sector, for example at the Federal Employment Agency. Another 3,400 or so employ- ees were employed within the Group, especially in service centers. About 2,300 employees were placed in Vivento’s operational and strategic units or continued to be managed by Vivento. Vivento took on around 500 employees in the first quarter of 2011, while around 500 employees left Vivento in the reporting period to pursue new opportunities. Development of operations. Q1 2011 millions of € Q1 2010 millions of € Change millions of € Change % FY 2010 millions of € Total revenue 537 565 (28) (5.0) 2,166 Loss from operations (EBIT) (347) (365) 18 4.9 (2,479) Depreciation, amortization and impairment losses (178) (188) 10 5.3 (840) EBITDA (169) (177) 8 4.5 (1,639) Special factors affecting EBITDA (6) (5) (1) (20.0) (769) EBITDA (adjusted for special factors) (163) (172) 9 5.2 (870) Cash capex (116) (109) (7) (6.4) (406) Average number of employees 21,574 22,070 (496) (2.2) 22,312 Of which: Viventoa 9,000 9,700 (700) (7.2) 8,900 a Number of employees at the reporting date, including Vivento’s own staff and management; figures rounded. Total revenue. Total revenue at Group Headquarters & Shared Services declined by 5.0 percent year-on-year in first quarter of 2011, mainly due to the decline in revenue in the Real Estate Services unit in connection with the more efficient use of floor space by the operating segments, especially for technical facilities. EBITDA, adjusted EBITDA. Adjusted EBITDA at Group Headquarters & Shared Services improved slightly year-on-year in the reporting period, primarily due to a headcount decrease at Vivento. Special factors in the first quarters of 2011 and 2010 had no material effect. EBIT. Loss from operations (EBIT) decreased by EUR 18 million compared with the prior-year period as a result of lower depreciation and amortization as well as the development of EBITDA. Employees. The average number of employees in the first quarter of 2011 was 21,574. The decrease of 496 compared with the first quarter of 2010 was mainly attributable to the headcount decrease at Vivento.