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Deutsche Telekom AG - Interim Group report - January 1 to March 31, 2011

67Interim consolidated financial statements Contingencies. This section provides additional information and explains recent changes in the contingencies as described in the consolidated financial statements for the 2010 financial year. Proceedings by Anti-Monopoly Commission in Poland. The Polish Anti- Monopoly Commission (UOKiK) initiated several legal proceedings in 2010 against a number of Polish telecommunications companies. In 2011, these in- vestigations were extended to include further proceedings against PTC, which is suspected of illegal price fixing. The UOKiK also accuses PTC of infringing customer interests in various ways. PTC believes these allegations are unfound- ed. The outcome and any associated fine cannot be determined at present, nor is it clear how a potential fine would be set. In Poland, the maximum fine is set at 10 percent of the revenues from telecommunications services or 10 percent of taxable revenues. OTE Lannet case. In May 2009, Lannet Communications SA filed a lawsuit claiming compensation for damages of EUR 176 million arising from the alleg- edly unlawful termination of services (mainly interconnection services, unbun- dling of ULLs, and leasing of dedicated lines) by OTE. The court hearing set for February 17, 2011 was postponed until May 30, 2013. Eutelsat arbitration proceedings. On April 12, 2011, Deutsche Telekom AG received an application from Eutelsat S.A. for initiation of ICC arbitration proceedings against Deutsche Telekom AG and Media Broadcast GmbH. Eutelsat particularly requested clarification regarding a right of use of a certain orbit position to which Eutelsat believes it has a long-standing entitlement and the term of an agreement concluded between Deutsche Telekom AG and Eutelsat S.A. on the use of this orbit position by Eutelsat satellites. Furthermore, Eutelsat is asserting claims to various payments depending on the term of this agreement. Deutsche Telekom had transferred its satellite business to Media Broadcast GmbH, a company with which it is no longer associated. As part of this transaction, Deutsche Telekom AG indemnified the buyer of Media Broadcast GmbH against certain claims, some of which also relate to the agreements with Eutelsat. The financial impact of the proceedings cannot be estimated with sufficient certainty at this point in time. Disclosures on leases. There were no significant changes at March 31, 2011 to the disclosures on leases reported in the 2010 consolidated financial statements, with the excep- tion of the matter described below. The expected future obligations arising from minimum lease payments from Deutsche Telekom’s operating leases developed as follows since December 31, 2010: Mar. 31, 2011 millions of € Dec. 31, 2010 millions of € Maturity Within 1 year 989 2,627 In 1 to 3 years 1,534 4,502 In 3 to 5 years 1,077 3,767 After 5 years 1,632 6,767 5,232 17,663 The decrease in obligations arising from minimum lease payments is mainly connected to the change in the disclosure of T-Mobile USA, whose liabilities were shown as held for sale. Executive bodies. Changes in the composition of the Board of Management. On February 23, 2011, the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom AG complied with Guido Kerkhoff’s request to be released from his duties as of April 1, 2011. The Board of Management member Niek Jan van Damme assumed responsi- bility for the Europe Board department in an acting capacity with effect from April 1, 2011. Events after the reporting period (March 31, 2011). For information on events after the reporting period, please refer to the “Events after the reporting period” section in the interim Group management report.