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Deutsche Telekom AG - Interim Group report - January 1 to September 30, 2011

12 Growth areas of Deutsche Telekom. The advances in the strategic action areas are having a positive and direct effect on Deutsche Telekom’s principal growth areas. The following information is based on statements made at the Deutsche Telekom Investors’ Day in March 2010. Following the closing of the sale of T-Mobile USA to AT&T, the ambition level of our growth areas will be adjusted to eliminate the U.S. market. The mobile Internet is our largest growth area. This includes all revenue that we generate with mobile data services. Our aim is to generate revenue of around EUR 10 billion in this area by 2015. To this end, the national companies have launched a number of initiatives. Another very important growth area for us is the connected home. Here, we bundle all revenues that we generate with our existing double- and triple-play packages, i.e., our fixed-network-based voice, data, and TV services. This area also includes future innovative products for the connected home such as the Home Gateway or the Personal Communication Suite. The aim here is to generate around EUR 7 billion in revenue by 2015. We are also bundling all our Internet services in a single growth area that essentially consists of three pillars: online advertising (e.g., on the web pages of the Scout group, on cell phones, on our TV offerings); the digital content of our Load family (music, video, games, and software); and what are known as “near access services” – these include the roll-out of websites and the sale of security software. Our goal is to increase the revenue from our Internet offerings to between EUR 2 billion and EUR 3 billion by 2015. In a further growth area, we measure all of T-Systems’ external revenue, which includes, in particular, the business with innovative cloud services in accordance with the strategy. Our aim is for T-Systems to generate around EUR 8 billion in total revenue with external customers by 2015. The intelligent network solutions growth area comprises the new business in sectors that are undergoing major changes, such as energy, healthcare, media, and transportation/automotive. Here, we have set ourselves the goal of generat- ing revenue of around EUR 1 billion by 2015. To this end, we set up four new business areas that are developing and marketing innovative solutions. Growth areas of Deutsche Telekom. Ambition level for 2015 Revenue in billions of € Mobile Internet ≈ 10 Connected home ≈ 7 Internet services 2 - 3 T-Systems (external revenue) ≈ 8 Intelligent network solutions (energy, healthcare, media distribution, connected car) ≈ 1 Our overall objective is to almost double revenue in the growth areas by 2015, from EUR 15 billion in 2009 to around EUR 29 billion in 2015 (subject to adjustment after the closing of the sale of T-Mobile USA to AT&T).