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Deutsche Telekom AG - Interim Group report - January 1 to September 30, 2011

24 New revenue reporting by customer groups. As part of the One Company initiative, we have aligned our business structure even more closely with the needs of customers. Since the beginning of 2011, we have therefore reported our revenue by specific customer groups such as Consumers, Business Customers, Wholesale (upstream services provided to our competitors), Digital Services and Value-Added Services. The prior-year figures have been adjusted for better comparability. Consumers. The Consumers area covers voice and data services, including sales of mobile devices. It also encompasses traditional fixed-network services such as voice telephony, Internet and TV products, plus add-on options. In addition, it generates revenue from the sale and rental of fixed-network devices. Also included in the Consumers area is the Congstar sales channel, our second brand for broadband applications and mobile communications. STRATO, with its hosting business, completes the portfolio. Business Customers. The Business Customers area provides companies ranging from VSEs (very small enterprises) through to small corporations with fixed-network and mobile communications services. The Sales unit addresses customers according to their respective needs, and divides them into groups. Apart from sales and support for standardized telecommunications products in fixed and mobile, the focus is also on a wide range of IT products and services. Wholesale. The Wholesale area supplies upstream services to providers of telecommunications services, such as national network operators and Internet service providers. This area also provides and purchases interconnection ser- vices. The upstream services include unbundled local loop lines, bundled and unbundled wholesale lines and standard telecommunication services like lines and transmission paths. Within the Group, it also handles upstream services for and other requirements of Systems Solutions and other domestic Group units. Digital Services. The Digital Services area covers revenues from the Internet business areas Media (e.g., Musicload, Gamesload), Online Advertising (portal business, e.g.,, eCommerce & Search (e.g., Scout24 and DeTeMedien) and Payment (ClickandBuy). Value-Added Services. The Value-Added Services area is mainly involved in providing premium rate numbers, audio conferences, upstream services for call centers, and digital billboards.