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Deutsche Telekom AG - Interim Group report - January 1 to September 30, 2011

6 Q1 – Q3 2011 Q1 – Q3 2010 FY 2010 Xetra closing prices € Share price on the last trading day 8.83 10.04 9.66 High 11.32 10.60 10.60 Low 7.95 8.55 8.55 Weighting of the T-Share in major stock indexes DAX 30 % 5.5 5.5 4.7 Dow Jones Euro STOXX 50© % 2.1 1.9 1.1 Dow Jones Europe STOXX 600 Telecommunications© % 10.2 10.2 9.7 Market capitalization billions of € 38.2 43.9 41.7 Shares issued millions 4,321 4,361 4,321 The turbulence on the international stock markets continued unabated in the third quarter of 2011, driven for the most part by the unresolved debt problem in the euro zone and the United States. International markets posted some sub- stantial losses in August in particular. The periphery crisis in Europe worsened further with Spanish and Italian government bonds hit by widening spreads, for example, while the U.S. credit rating was downgraded for the first time in the country’s history. Leading indicators signaling a global economic slowdown also caused a further deterioration in the capital market environment. The DAX 30 tumbled 25.4 percent in the third quarter of 2011, the largest drop in any quarter in nine years. No sector escaped this downtrend. The T-Share nevertheless remained rela- tively strong in this nervous market at first, with market participants rating the high dividend yield in particular as positive. The T-Share briefly came under pressure after the United States Department of Justice had filed objections to the sale of T-Mobile USA to AT&T on August 31, 2011. Although the Company’s stock performed significantly better than the DAX 30, it still lost 18 percent of its value over the quarter. In terms of total shareholder return (share price performance + dividend), the T-Share was down just 3 percent since the beginning of the year compared with the DAX 30, which recorded price losses of 21 percent in the same period. The European telecoms sector (Dow Jones Europe STOXX 600 Telecommunica- tions© ) also suffered a loss of 5.9 percent in the first nine months of the year. Total return of the T-Share in the first three quarters of 2011. T-Share performance. The T-Share. -30 -10 0 -20 10 20 % DAX 30 Dow Jones Europe STOXX 600 Telecommunications Total return of the T-Share (dividend reinvested) Jan. 1, 2011 Feb. 15, 2011 Apr. 1, 2011 May. 15, 2011 Jul 1, 2011 Aug.15, 2011 Sep. 30, 2011July 1, 2011May 15, 2011 Sept. 30, 2011