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Deutsche Telekom AG - Interim Group report - January 1 to September 30, 2015

47Interim consolidated financial statements Deutsche Telekom. Interim Group Report 9M 2015. CONTINGENT LIABILITIES This section provides additional information and explains recent changes in the contingent liabilities as described in the consolidated financial statements for the 2014 financial year. Claim for compensation against Slovak Telekom. In March 2015, the parties agreed on a settlement of the dispute. The settled dispute concerned the lawsuit filed against Slovak Telekom based on the accusation that the legal predecessor of Slovak Telekom had ceased broadcast of an international radio program contrary to the underlying contract. The settlement was confirmed by the responsible court in Bratislava in May 2015; the proceedings are therefore terminated with final and binding effect. In July 2015, Deutsche Telekom was able to realize its contractual claims to a refund of the amount paid by Slovak Telekom for the settlement, in accordance with the amount of its shareholding in Slovak Telekom at the time. Claims for damages against Slovak Telekom following the European Commissionʼs decision to impose fines. Following the European Commis- sionʼs decision of October 15, 2014 to impose fines, both Orange Slovensko and SWAN filed action against Slovak Telekom with the civil court in Bratislava in August 2015, claiming compensation for damages of EUR 232 million and EUR 50 million respectively, plus interest. These claims seek compensation for damages alleged to have been incurred through Slovak Telekomʼs abuse of its dominant market position, as determined by the EU Commission. Both Slovak Telekom and Deutsche Telekom appealed against the decision before the Court of the European Union in December 2014. Slovak Telekom is currently examining the merits of the claims. It is currently not possible to estimate the potential financial impact with sufficient certainty. FUTURE OBLIGATIONS FROM OPERATING LEASES AND OTHER FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS The following table provides an overview of Deutsche Telekomʼs obligations fromoperatingleasesandotherfinancialobligationsasofSeptember30,2015: millions of € Sept. 30, 2015 Future obligations from operating leases 19,877 Purchase commitments regarding property, plant and equipment 2,161 Purchase commitments regarding intangible assets 687 Firm purchase commitments for inventories 6,717 Other purchase commitments and similar obligations 10,373 Payment obligations to the Civil Service Pension Fund 4,447 Purchase commitments for interests in other companies – Miscellaneous other obligations 1,025 45,287

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