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The HR Report 2011/2012.

11 Genuine partners thanks to virtual knowledge sharing. Jochen Hiller has been part of the freelance developer scene for more than ten years. Since joining Deutsche Telekom, the Group also benefits from his experience with the open source developer community. “Loosely structured collaboration via e-mail, chat and other multimedia communication channels are the working mod- el of the future,” says Jochen Hiller. Within Deutsche Telekom, he is also championing networking – say in the Developer Gar- den through which the young talent and developers can integrate Deutsche Telekom services into their own applications. Since April 2012, Jochen Hiller has been organizing the developer community for QIVICON, the platform that supports the emerging technology, Connected Home. Jochen Hiller, Products & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom. Modern working. Deutsche Telekom is undergoing a technological change as well as a change in its working culture. The possibilities that Web 2.0 opens up in terms of new forms of collaboration and interactive customer contact are emblematic of such changes. “It can’t be done without mobile working.” Mathias Thomann is not just one of the faces of the Group cam- paign “Take charge of your life,” but he also experiences for him- self every day what mobile working actually entails. The member of the T-Systems sales team is on the road a great deal – going out to see representatives of universities and research institutions so he needs to be flexible in terms of time and location. Mathias Thomann is in no doubt: “It can’t be done without mobile work- ing.” That also entails flexible working times. “What matters is that we achieve the right results. We aren’t judged by how long we spend in the office every day.” Mathias Thomann, Sales, T-Systems Deutschland.