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The HR Report 2011/2012.

Last year, Deutsche Telekom presented itself as an attractive employer on an entirely new level with its campaign “Take charge of your life.” The eye- catching video spot “The world of jobs at Deutsche Telekom” even made it onto the cinema screen. The campaign is one of our many activities aimed at securing and retaining talent. As the HR department we support and accompany Deutsche Telekom as it moves from a conventional telephone company to become a new breed of dynamic service company. We need new competencies and perspectives within the company in order to take full advantage of opportunities in our core businesses, and in our innovation and growth areas. To this end we hire thousands of excellent junior staff as well as experienced professionals in the global talent market, and promote thousands of our own junior staff, experts and executives. Alongside talent, the issue of efficiency is top of our agenda. Our employees need to be deployed as intelligently and as effectively as possible. That is why we are setting up global strategic HR planning in the shape of Total Workforce Management. And we are continuing the structural reorganiza- tion and process optimization within the Group as well as the reorganization of the HR department. We are focusing specifically on diversity: That diversity lends our company flexibility and inspiration; it reinforces our future viability within the context of demographic change and in a global competitive marketplace. For that rea- son we are deliberately promoting this diversity of women and men, old and young, in Germany and internationally. Through it we are creating a common corporate culture – across all unit, segment and country boundaries. Talent, efficiency, diversity: The HR department has been specifically pro- moting these qualities over the past few years. As a “partner in business” it has visibly and measurably contributed to keeping Deutsche Telekom firmly on track in challenging economic times. I am in no doubt that the results are clear to see. Over the past year we have achieved notable successes in all strategic HR areas: ƒƒ Our good reputation as an excellent employer has been growing in all our markets, attested by numerous awards. The very good results of our latest employee surveys are also testimony to the consolidation of this reputation within our own ranks. ƒƒ For the first time we have transparency regarding our global personnel costs. Thanks to forward-looking planning, we have managed to maintain our personnel cost ratio stable in Germany. ƒƒ We are reinforcing our service orientation through tailor-made service training for our executives and experts, and in-house HR development programs for service units. ƒƒ Deutsche Telekom now also boasts a larger female contingent in Germany – and does so right from junior staff level through to Group Board of Management. Globally we have already exceeded our self- imposed target for 2011. This year too, we aim to make significant progress on our journey from a conventional telephone company to an efficient service company and crea- tive innovation driver within the industry. The groundwork has already been laid in this respect: ƒƒ We aim to further reinforce our reputation as a talent company, for in- stance through our German and increasingly also international activities as a Bologna company and promoter of continuing academic education. ƒƒ In addition to our talent agenda, we are again attaching particular impor- tance to “work-life@telekom,” our program designed to reconcile work and private life. Through new working time models we are promoting the transition to a new work culture, to a new, balanced world of jobs. ƒƒ As a caring employer, we continue to make progress with preventive healthcare issues. Internationally we intend to continuously roll out our Health, Safety & Environmental management system and thus further optimize our health protection in a measurable way. All these measures are aimed at pushing forward the structural and cultural change in Germany and internationally that is already underway. Deutsche Telekom is in excellent shape to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Thomas Sattelberger Member of the Board of Management, Human Resources Dear Reader,