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The HR Report 2011/2012.

13 Through respect to results. “I joined the company in January 2005 from a competitor in order to support the first international project of T-Systems Brazil and T-Systems North America. I wanted to be part of a multicultural team, in an international company with ambitious goals. It was an easy decision to make and looking back it was one of the best de- cisions I’ve ever made. After a year and half of working together, the group of people that didn’t know each other jelled into a team. I think that’s the key: We’re a great team – we’ll even work harder to take the workload off somebody that just had to do overtime. I really like this mutual respect. I think it’s reflected in the high qual- ity of our results.” Guilherme Barreiro, T-Systems Brazil. ƒ235,000 employees, 33 coun- tries, over EUR 58 billion in rev- enues. ƒ129 million mobile customers, 34 million fixed-network and 17 million broadband lines, 600 in- ternational corporate customers such as Heineken and Shell.