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The HR Report 2011/2012.

12 The “UK Challenge” – superb integration. “In 2011, shortly after I started my international assignment in the UK, I took part in ‘The Challenge,’ together with 15 other col- leagues from all T-Systems business units. What a fantastic ex- perience that was! I only appreciated the most important benefit though once I was back at my desk: virtually overnight I became part of a network which extended across all business units and my integration within the company came on in leaps and bounds. Keep it up, T-Systems!” Patrik Braehler, assignee at T-Systems UK. International team. Integrity, trust, top performance and customer orientation: these are the vital characteristics that Deutsche Telekom employees should embrace – and that they themselves may expect from their colleagues. They enable us as a Group team and One Company to consistently delight our customers. The expert network. “Innovative technology and teamwork make my job an absolute pleasure – particularly when we manage to exceed customers’ expectations. Apart from the teamwork, I also really like Deutsche Telekom’s global networking and its open atmosphere. If I’ve got a question or some problem that can’t be answered locally, then in- ternational colleagues will often provide assistance and help me out. Just like in one of my proudest moments, a successful migration project from Germany to China. We had to move huge amounts of customer data and we simply didn’t have the right know-how. At T-Systems in China there’s a team spirit even when we’re not in the office. We often go out for a meal so we can get to know each other on a personal level. It’s all very informal, with somebody tending to suggest the idea on the spur of the moment.” Ryan Sun, T-Systems China.