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The HR Report 2011/2012.

62 Competitive workforceHR Big 4 and Group strategy Service culture Talent agenda HR@2012 Intensive employer/employee relationship. Active cooperation on both a German and international level. Again in 2011 we successfully continued to pursue intensive and constructive dialog with the bodies representing employees within the Group in Germany. The implementation of numerous measures and projects would not have been possible without the active participation of elected employee representatives. This is where we are seeing the fruits of our commitment to cooperation based on trust, as outlined in the Group Policy on Employee Re- lations (see box “Global Employee Relations Management”). We will continue to seek and foster active employer/employee rela- tionships. A key role here falls to the Group Works Council, our contact point for all co-determination issues within the Group in Germany. The Group Chief Human Resources Officer has set great store by the involvement of the Group Works Council in the last year too; he was a regular participant at Group Works Coun- cil meetings, almost always attending personally. In the European Works Council (EWC), too, Deutsche Telekom nurtures an active relationship with the employee representatives of our European subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Global Employee Relations Management International groups such as Deutsche Telekom are re- quired to define uniform standards for their global HR poli- cy without ignoring local characteristics. At the “Employee relations in a connected world” conference in early May 2011, 70 leading executives from international businesses discussed the challenges presented by employee relations. This formed the basis for Deutsche Telekom’s ongoing consultation with other employers to formulate forward- looking employee relations. Moreover, in its globally appli- cable Employee Relations Policy the Group commits itself to a high level of uniform minimum standards worldwide in dealing with its employees, taking account of different cultures, laws and needs. A monitoring system will ensure compliance with these principles once the policy has been implemented Group-wide. i