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The HR Report 2011/2012.

60 Competitive workforceHR Big 4 and Group strategy Service culture Talent agenda HR@2012 Development of internal HR service quality. Ø 2008 Ø 2009 Ø 2010 Ø 2011 Availability (overall)* 79 % 76 % 87 % 95 % Complaints rate** 0.49 % 0.37 % 0.23 % 0.06 % In 2011, HR Services Telekom (PST)  supported around 125,000 active employees along with 125,000 pension recipients,  in addition to the total order volume, processed some 1.1 million travel expense statements and 1.5 million payslips,  received some 350,000 telephone inquiries, of which 84 % were resolved on first contact. WD (working days): All data refers to workdays at HR Services Telekom (PST). * Target 2011 = 80 % **Values relate to complaints received by PST. Customer Experience: consistent focus on customers. The main aim of this project is to give our executives the optimum motivational support in their many day-to-day activities. Whether it is a matter of writing references or the induction of junior staff, a change of roles within Deutsche Telekom or employees returning to work from parental leave: we want to offer our customers a ser- vice experience that is second to none, every time. This is why we are streamlining and simplifying our processes and products as part of our Customer Experience project. Customer feedback and surveys testify to the project’s success. HR Services Telekom. A substantial contribution to greater cus- tomer satisfaction is being made by HR Services Telekom (PST), our central contact point for all our German Group employees. The Employee Chat option is one aspect that is becoming more and more popular. It is a place where employees can get quick expert information on any concerns they may have. Definite im- provements in quantifiable operative service quality show that this service is on the right track. Regular customer satisfaction assessments through the year also help us review our service success. As a result, in December 2011 our employees awarded us a high satisfaction rating (7.9 on a scale of 0 to 10; target value: 8.0) for our HR services. 2011 saw us revive the “HR on site” roadshow, allowing us to reach 25,000 staff personally at our sites in Germany. In more than 1,500 customer consultations we were able to deal with most concerns on the spot. In addition, we gained important stimuli for advancements in our HR products and for the quality of our HR work.