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The HR Report 2011/2012.

43 Competitive workforceHR Big 4 and Group strategy Service culture Talent agenda HR@2012 Employee survey follow-up measures. Implementation status, figures for Group as a whole, in %. November 2011 March 2012 Germany 75 % 95 % International 60 % 80 % genial@telekom. Modern ideas management on the advance. 2008 2009 2010 2011 Suggestions for improvement 7,295 5,592 10,498 10,831 Savings in millions 1 141 122 136 116 In 2011, the number of patent applications stood at 244. Taking Deutsche Telekom forward with fresh ideas. We need new ideas for inspiring services, products, tools and working methods that make us better and foster a spirit of innovation. In 2011 the genial@telekom IT tool, introduced back in 2009, was supplemented by a new way of generating ideas, the Ideas Gar- den. This IT tool enables employees to work with other interested parties and experts in a virtual environment to turn initial sugges- tions into fully developed ideas. Although the Ideas Garden is still in the pilot phase, more than 10,600 registrations and 2,180 ac- tive employees prove that this way of getting involved has been warmly welcomed. External Web 2.0 activities: torch-bearer for innovation and cus- tomer service. In terms of external customer contact and recruit- ment (see Section 4), Deutsche Telekom in Germany is one of the leading DAX-30 companies. For example, more than 40,000 people follow our activities on Twitter and Deutsche Telekom has more than 425,000 “fans” on Facebook, with numbers rising. Our European subsidiaries are also increasing their use of Web 2.0 to contact their clients and other external stakeholders. Internal Web 2.0 activities: networking, sharing knowledge and working together. Around 55,000 employees use our internal social media platforms for in-house cooperation: they hold dis- cussions on the Telekom blog platform, work on more than 2,300 projects and topics on Telekom MyWiki, and get to know each other better on Telekom’s People Network. The integration of numerous existing platforms in one Group-wide Telekom Social Network began in 2011 and will give the technological impulse for smooth cooperation across all units and seniority levels in 2012. One of the steps we took in 2011 to develop the new staff portal was a Telekom Jam pilot. Some 800 participants took part in virtual problem-solving on the Telekom Jam online platform. Telekom Jams, with several thousand employees across various units and seniority levels tackling specific issues over a limited time period, are to be rolled-out Group-wide in 2012. “Working differently.” Our move to Enterprise 2.0 affects our whole working cul- ture: how are we going to work and with what tools? What will be our understanding of leadership, achievement, per- sonal responsibility, service, research and creativity? What areas of our company will be affected by this and to what extent? Starting in Germany, we have initiated an open dia- log on the “Working differently” blog and at open discus- sion events. These give our employees the opportunity to take part in this discussion, so that we can answer these questions with one common vision for the future. i