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The HR Report 2011/2012.

55 Competitive workforceHR Big 4 and Group strategy Service culture Talent agenda HR@2012 ƒƒ Diversity consultants: Advice on issues such as the paren- tal leave process and flexibility in workplace and working hours. Contact person for career development matters. ƒƒ Fathers’ network ƒƒ Day care places: total of 379 across Germany. In 2012, approximately 180 more child care places will be added. Expansion to national companies as well ƒƒ Child-friendly offices: set up in Germany and Hungary ƒƒ Vacation program: fixed component of the company’s offering. In the reporting year, there was also a pilot for an international youth exchange program ƒƒ Free emergency childcare ƒƒ Free support in the search for local childcare facilities ƒƒ Advisory and placement service for employees with elderly family members in need of care ƒƒ Leave of absence for family emergencies ƒƒ Family vacations: over 42,000 employees and their family members took advantage of these offers ƒƒ Family-support services: advice and arranging of childcare through the AWO welfare organization’s parental service ƒƒ The Post Postbank Telekom welfare service provided some EUR 110,000 in studying grants and some EUR 385,000 in support payments in the reporting year. Work-related use of mobile devices: Group-wide discussion kicked off. In 2011, we made it clear in Germany that there is no obligation to answer cell phones or e-mail messages for work purposes outside of working hours. Since announced and intro- duced, this voluntary commitment has increasingly been dis- cussed internationally as well. Take, for example, the adapted voluntary commitment at T-Systems in China, where work-related e-mail communication is avoided from Friday 6 p.m. to Monday 8 a.m. Through new ways of working, we want to create a mix that combines excellent performance with attractive employment op- portunities and establishes a win-win scenario for company and workforce alike. One example of this is “mobile working,” a work- ing model we first introduced at T-Mobile Austria. Flexible working hours and tailored time off. The voluntary commitment on part-time for executives is beginning to take ef- fect. The number of male and female German executives working part-time has increased to 27. Overall, in Germany alone, more than 14,500 employees work part-time. New models for taking time out under preparation. In 2012, Telekom is also creating new, tailored offers and financing models for taking a defined period of time away from work. We offer time- out or part-time models, financed in advance by the company, tak- en for personal reasons – including part-time models for family (family care leave with a special salary model offered since Janu- ary 2012), continuing education, or social commitment. In ad- dition, a savings model offers the opportunity of taking flexible time-out or tailoring the structure of part-time work. Standardized parental leave process: Staying in contact with company, colleagues and work area. We further pursued our “Stay in contacT” parental leave scheme for all employee groups in 2011. The aim is to support employees even more intensively by systematically staying in contact. This includes offers for plan- ning meetings at the start of and during parental leave, as well as for re-entry meetings. i Other work-life balance and support offers.