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The HR Report 2011/2012.

Building on pioneering role and boosting employer appeal.

44 Competitive workforceHR Big 4 and Group strategy Service culture Talent agenda HR@2012 On the one hand, the main action areas include developing sen- sitivity to diversity, right from searching out, addressing and se- lecting talent. This particularly includes a deliberate acceptance of people with unorthodox CVs and a departure from impersonal selection standards. On the other hand, we rely on differentiated vocational training that addresses unusual aptitudes and motiva- tions and builds educational bridges for disadvantaged and over- looked groups. These educationalizing bridges are one of the foundations that ensure individuals receive skills-based training and continuing education throughout their entire working lives and encourage them into expert and project careers. Preferred employer worldwide. There are many reasons why Telekom’s reputation as a good employer continues to grow: ƒƒ Outstanding quality of recruiting services: Telekom was awarded second place in the Career’s Best Recruiter study, which evaluated the HR products, processes, activities and the perception of communication with applicants for the 500 largest German companies from the perspective of applicants in 2011. In particular, the figure of some 49,000 external appli- cants, the successful filling of around 2,600 vacant positions, and the motivating application process show that the popular- ity of the Group as an employer is growing steadily. Talent agenda. Expanding leading role and enhancing appeal as an employer. The economy urgently needs extremely well trained young people – especially in our innovation-driven industry. The lack of junior staff and demographic reasons call on us as an employer to tap into new talent streams and to get more out of existing ones. This gives rise to consequences, both for HR development and for the HR marketing and recruitment strategy. ƒƒ Sterling reputation as a training provider and advocate of the Bologna process. Our outstanding company training has long been a firm foundation for our talent management. In addition, we have successfully increased our commitment as a “Bologna company” – with part-time degree programs for 600 students, our own university for students of telecommuni- cations, and excellent scientific partnerships. Thus the pool of extremely well-qualified talent from which we can draw in- ternally continues to grow apace. Telekom is guarding against the rising shortage of trained professionals by taking positive action. ƒƒ Stringent HR development and transparent career paths. For us, this includes on the one hand offering wide-ranging starter opportunities for high potentials. And on the other, we offer our top performers with professional experience attrac- tive development opportunities – for executives, experts and project managers alike. In 2011, we further improved the con- tent of our career paths and restructured them. In 2012, we will further internationalize and harmonize our expert and proj- ect career program Go Ahead!. ƒƒ Exceptional diversity reputation. A diverse, vibrant corporate culture with challenging tasks and flexible worktime models for all phases of life: we as a company have successfully posi- tioned ourselves in the competition for new talent – in Germany and internationally, for women and men, for young and old. In this way, we are successfully bearing up against the changing demographics, challenges in business and demands from society. In 2011, our internal activities included further expand- ing our program for improving the reconciliation of work and private life, “work-life@telekom.”