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The HR Report 2011/2012.

19 Frank Schönefeld is designing Enterprise 2.0. “For almost 20 years now I’ve always been at the cutting edge of developing new multimedia technologies,” says Frank Schönefeld. Today he is part of the managing board at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, in charge of Web Management Systems.“I now head up a team of 340 staff, 80 of which devote their energies to social software – always driven by the notion of not pushing forward technology for its own sake, but technology that is tailored to user needs.” And it is something that Frank Schönefeld, adjunct pro- fessor at the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences since De- cember 2011, also echoes in his book. In it he develops the Enter- prise 2.0 where new multimedia technology is perfectly tailored to internal and external communications relationships. “The current generation of young talent is growing up with Web 2.0 and its pos- sibilities,” says Frank Schönefeld. “The usage of multimedia, web- based solutions will increasingly find its way into all areas of life and work.” Frank Schönefeld, member of the managing board, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. Leadership. Our executives play a key role in taking Deutsche Telekom forward on the road to becoming the most highly regarded service company in the industry. The aim is to have 30 percent of top and middle management positions globally occupied by women by the end of 2015. “A large ‘cafeteria of opportunities.’” Martina Buhlová is currently head of Human Resources Devel- opment. She is responsible for the entire HR development strat- egy and manages a team of HR development specialists. Her career began in 2006 as an HR administrator. “I was there when the first staff were hired, when the foundations were laid. I’ve been through all the changes that have happened since our company was set up. All of which has meant that I have strong ties with the company.” At present, she is passing on her know-how and her international experience as an Intercultural Forum trainer. “I can say quite frankly that I am proud of being part of this company. Not just because we are the second largest employer in eastern Slovakia, but also because this company represents a ‘cafeteria of opportunities’. It offers you a whole range of opportunities – all you have to do is demonstrate that you are committed and you’ve got the skills it takes.” Martina Buhlová, Head of HR Development, T-Systems Slovakia.