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The HR Report 2011/2012.

21 Malaysia: Cross-generational learning. As part of T-Systems Malaysia’s brand and recruiting strategy, the communications and HR team developed a Facebook page to set up a social media presence and secure new talent for the IT mar- ket. In a reverse mentoring program, young employees that are en- thusiastic about the Internet and social media train Group execu- tives on how Web 2.0 works. As a senior recruiter, Sharene Kam (right) showed Noradzlan Mohd Nor (left) both the functions on the page as well as the team positions posted there. Noradzlan Mohd Nor can now easily navigate the Facebook page and knows how to publish his posts on his own Facebook account, too. That way his friends and family members can also apply for positions that interest them. Sharene Kam, HR Recruitment, and Noradzlan Mohd Nor, Virtualized Platform Operations, T-Systems Malaysia. ƒDeutsche Telekom promotes talent and new corporate cul- ture: across functions, borders and cultures. ƒHalf of all hired top junior staff in Germany were female in 2011. 21