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The HR Report 2011/2012.

37 Competitive workforceHR Big 4 and Group strategy Service culture Talent agenda HR@2012 ƒƒ Service campaign with around 265,000 training days for approximately 50,000 employees in the Germany segment service companies alone. ƒƒ A substantial majority of employees acknowledges successful change. ƒƒ Facebook, Twitter, internal Web 2.0 media: Deutsche Telekom en route to Enterprise 2.0. Excellent service through leadership, encouragement and appreciation. Service culture with One Company and support from the Ser- vice Academy: the transformation to an integrated One Com- pany structure in Germany and Europe calls for a new way of thinking and working. Furthermore we are creating a new under standing of service by offering training initiatives such as the Service Academy and the opportunity provided by service careers. Service Academy and service initiatives: executives as ser- vice role models. Our executives play a central role in helping Deutsche Telekom become the most highly regarded service company in our industry. They are service role models, ambassa- dors and purveyors of our corporate culture. To take our service culture forward we have been enrolling executives across Ger- many in the Service Academy since 2008. Again in 2011 around 1,800 executives took part in workshops, service projects and practical assignments in phase 3 of the Service Academy. Each year the program consists of a two-day workshop complemented by a one-day service experience and a half-day learning module of the participant’s choice. 1. Customer delight drives our action 2. Respect and integrity guide our behavior 3. Team together – Team apart 4. Best place to perform and grow 5. I am T – count on me Shared Guiding Principles. Embedding vision and strategy. Policies (e.g., Employee Relations Policy) Guiding Principles Vision Strategy Code of Conduct Some of our subsidiaries have extended or introduced their own service initiatives. Here are just three examples: ƒƒ The ManagementWorkshop@TSG at Telekom Shop Vertriebs- gesellschaft targets a common understanding of the best in- store sales and service experience. The workshops took place in 2011 and achieved high participation levels and positive approval ratings. ƒƒ In 2011 we also introduced “magenta T” in our Polish subsidi- ary. To consolidate the loyalty and high commitment levels of 6,800 internal and external employees, our Polish colleagues have worked with 80 change experts to run 200 half-day or full-day workshops. These have helped us maintain our excel- lent service performance. ƒƒ With T-Mobile Netherlands we won awards for good service, the Best Customer Performance Award (2010) and, for the Online Shop, the Best Web Performance Score (2009, 2010, 2011).