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The HR Report 2011/2012.

20 Hearing impairment at Deutsche Telekom: “The job in Network Production is fun.” Kristina Corrigan from Seattle (USA) has a hearing impairment. In summer 2011, she completed her training program as an IT specialist for system integration at Deutsche Telekom in Kiel (Germany). Majid Abbas asked her about her experience; he is also training at Deutsche Telekom to become a dialog marketing assistant. MAJID: Why did you want to train at Deutsche Telekom? KRISTINA: I did one semester of math before I realized the uni- versity wasn’t prepared for my disability. Then I looked around for alternatives and successfully applied to Deutsche Telekom. MAJID: What does your professional future look like? KRISTINA: Once I’d completed my training at Deutsche Telekom, I was taken on by Network Production where I document and pro- cess network maps. It’s fun and I’d like to continue here for a while yet. Kristina Corrigan, IT specialist for system integration, Deutsche Telekom Network Production, and Majid Abbas, dialog marketing assistant trainee, Telekom Deutschland. Diversity. Deutsche Telekom brings together numerous cultures, attitudes and talents from around the world. The aim is to promote and utilize this diverse range of creativity and innovativeness for the benefit of employees and our company alike. Because that way we will be able to cope more successfully with demo- graphic change and economic challenges. “Women and technology – exceptional, but exceptionally good!” “Over the past two years, I’ve been working on implementing our Universal Transport Network technology. This project involves replacing old transmission systems with a new, ‘universal’ tech- nology. I know it isn’t the kind of work a woman would normally do – but: there’s no limit to how far you can get if you’re really committed and try to give your best.” Zuzana Tóthová, Transmission Network Development expert, Slovak Telekom.