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The HR Report 2011/2012.

16 “A better understanding of my strengths.” “Being responsible for our e-Shop and managing a team of ten staff is interesting and challenging at the same time. It doesn’t matter how far in advance I plan and organize projects, there are always new tasks and the occasional unexpected event to deal with. Taking part in the LEP, the Leadership Excellence Program, came just at the right time for me and has given me a great deal. It provided me with the opportunity to get to know my strengths better, and showed me how to utilize them to organize my team more effectively and be more productive. I’ve gained a great deal through this program and feel I’m now better equipped to deal with a crisis or a conflict within the team. My goal for the future is to always act proactively and maintain a balance within my team.” Maria Maragkou, Head of eBusiness at OTE, Communication Marketing & eBusiness Directorate. Personal development. Our comprehensive HR development includes wide-ranging career entry opportunities for top junior staff. In addition, we offer our top professionals attractive, international development opportunities – for all three career paths: executives, experts and project managers. Never stopping – always on the lookout for improvements. Andreas Rembow got to know Deutsche Telekom first as a work placement student during his degree in Information Science at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. He completed his diploma thesis on search engine marketing by working closely with the company, which he joined in 2006. In the Group, Andreas Rembow started out in the Search Engine Optimization team at Products & Innovation: “I looked after search engine optimization – making sure that the Group’s online products such as Videoload or were right at the top of the search engine listings.” In 2008 he also took up a teaching post at his former university and at the same time embarked on an MBA at Steinbeis University Berlin, which he has now completed. In 2011, Andreas Rembow moved to Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary Revvl. As Vice President for Consumer & Online Marketing at Revvl, he develops the brand, communications and marketing strategy of the young company – “including search engine marketing for our website, of course.” Andreas Rembow, Vice President for Consumer & Online Marketing at Revvl.